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USA Travel: Panorama of the West Coast Special Special Cheapest Hanoi

USA Travel: Panorama of the West Coast Special Special Cheapest Hanoi

Journey Highlights

  • When accompanying us on this trip, you will be able to visit famous places in the US such as: Golden Gate Bridge; Silicon Valley; Universal Studios; natural wonder of the world – Grand Canyon; flashy casino resorts in the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas…
  • Besides, there are also indispensable activities to experience the US for customers such as: Visiting the Vietnamese community in the US; visit Solvang – the old Danish village; experience the Pacific coastal road; swimming at the romantic beaches of Santa Barbara; explore the Mexican border wall;… and many more exciting activities.

With the package Free & Easy Tour in the US, it will be easier for you to move, visit and experience the US with SUPER SAVE costs.

Let’s go with Discover America, we will help you make your dream of coming to America come true!

Important Information

  • Our program is especially suitable for:
    – Visitors currently in the United States
    – Vietnamese tourists have US visas
    – Visitors are not dependent on time
  • Vietnamese tourists want to participate in the program (if you do not have a US visa, air ticket, etc. America Discovery will support you wholeheartedly).
  • This is the standard program with 3-4* hotel service.
  • Vietnamese guides serve you in the US during the program.
  • You will be given gifts, videos and souvenir photos made by professional crew during the trip.

Journey Overview

Here are some places we will pass together on this journey.

San Francisco - San Jose - 17 Miles Drive - Santa Barbara - Las Vegas - Los Angeles

Morning: Car and tour guide will arrange to pick you up at San Francisco airport completely free of charge according to the following 2 fixed time frames:

  • 11:00 at the San Francisco airport terminal, take the group to lunch and return to the hotel to check in and rest.
  • 18:00 at the San Francisco airport terminal, take the group to dinner and back to the hotel to check in and rest.
    Evening: Have dinner and return to the hotel to rest. Freedom to explore.


  • If you take the initiative to come to San Francisco by other means or other time frames, other airports…. Please take the initiative to return to the hotel and contact the operator of the service company for guidance and support aid.
  • Check-in time for all hotels in the United States is after 14:00, if you arrive earlier than the above time please wait or depending on the hotel’s availability or support.
  • Information Services
    Hotel: Crowne Plaza San Mateo 4*
    Meals: Lunch, dinner Airport shuttle 1 turn at a fixed time

Included and Not Included

  • Standard double room 3-4* hotel (2 nights Orange County, 2 nights Las Vegas)
  • Cost of attractions: Universal Studios, Grand Canyon
  • The shuttle bus serves the group every day (11h/day), the first and last day to see the airport off only applies the shuttle plan.
  • Lunch & dinner at Asian and European restaurants at attractions, meals from 20-23 USD/person/meal.
  • Tour guide picks up and serves throughout the program from day one to the end.
  • Drinks served on tour bus daily 02 bottles/person.
    Gift voucher of VND 2 million/person is applicable for discounts on other US travel programs in 2022 and for customers who pay for the full tour 30 days in advance.
  • Video and photos of the trip of the members of the group to make memories or share on facebook made by the professional crew during the trip
  • International or domestic flight tickets to Los Angeles (if you have many, please contact us in advance so we can register to buy for you)
  • Cars serve days outside your scheduled or expected schedule.
  • The cost of drinks in the main meals as well as in the hotel room (if any, you pay the extra costs)
  • Expenses related to the working schedule, work arrangements, translation and translation in meetings, working with partners and customers at the fair and on the sidelines of the fair.
  • Other personal expenses incurred during the implementation such as baggage charges for Vietnam domestic flights or international flights are incurred.
  • Mandatory TIP for tours in the US is 10USD/day/person/pax and the tour guide will collect from you on the first day.
  • US visa fee 160USD, if you have a need


  • You already have a VISA:
    – Register for a tour according to a specific departure schedule and sign a contract
    You do not have a VISA:
  • Register for the tour according to the specific departure schedule, send the information sheet DS160 according to the instructions + 01 latest 5×5 photo for profile evaluation
  • Conduct contract signing: deposit 15,000,000 VND/pax (VISA interview fee and tour reservation deposit)
  • The two sides implement the procedures to fill out the form to get the interview schedule, arrange and conduct consultation to prepare documents for the interview.
    VISA INTERVIEW at 170 Ngoc Khanh, HN or 4 LE DUAN, HCMC:
  • Achieve visa results: you pay the remaining tour amount right after the visa results are available and conduct a group meeting to advise, exchange groups and prepare to depart.
  • If not, we will immediately refund the tour deposit VND 5,000,000/person after deducting the US visa service fee of VND 5,000,000/person

Other Important Notes

  • Insurance benefits belong to the policy of the insurance service provider for you, we do not have the function of directly indemnifying you, but will support working with the insurance company under the contract and the right signed insurance period.
  • Customers from 70 years old to under 75 years old are required to sign a health commitment with the Company and must have a certificate of full health to travel abroad from a doctor and must have relatives under 60 years old (full health). health) follows, the insurance company’s compensation will be reduced by 50%.
  • You are solely responsible in the case of violations of the provisions on Immigration procedures in the host countries and if denied entry, the travel company will not refund any costs. and you bear the costs incurred if any.
  • For general safety, we would like to refuse to serve customers with the following conditions:
    – Elderly customers from 80 years old and above.
    – Customers who are pregnant from 4 months or more to participate
USA Travel: Panorama of the West Coast Special Special Cheapest Hanoi
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Re-select departure date, number of people if your plans change.

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